Brendan’s Blog

Hi, my name is Brendan, I am 8 years old and this is my first ever blog! I’m going to blog so that everyone can help me out by sharing ideas about places to travel and things to learn, and so that I can share my life and ideas with you while practicing my IT and English. I’m going to be writing to you guys about my feelings and what it’s like to be home educated and to travel, but first I’m going to tell you a bit about me.

I LOVE to be outdoors and wild camping is my favourite thing. I love wild camping because it’s nice to be out in nature and we learn about the Earth and how to help it. I am very passionate about taking care of the environment, it makes me really sad and sometimes angry how people treat our Earth and nature because I’m just a kid and I even understand that it’s wrong to litter and pollute! That’s one of the reason I decided to be home educated, so I can spend more time learning outside and now my teachers don’t tell me that it’s not right or wrong to hurt our planet or keep animals in cages for circuses. That was very frustrating!

I enjoy being home educated very much. When my mum said I had a choice to go to school or learn at home I was a bit worried about the right thing to do but now I would never go back to a school. I am rather imaginative and creative and now I can be those things all day while I learn. My favourite subjects to learn are maths and history, I even talked on a history documentary about Whittington castle A Brief History Of Whittington Castle (I’m right at the end!) and of course I love nature classroom. I go to home ed groups every week where I learn and play with other children and it’s great. I have made good friends and it’s so good because they are more like me.

I think my life will have a different meaning to some others because I am so passionate about the world. I want my life to be making the world better and teaching others that it’s important for everyone to help because we need the Earth but it does not need us!