My name is Kelly, and I’m a wild camping addict. This rare condition is also shared by my partner Pete and our two children, ten year old Maddy and eight year old Brendan; and has even struck our little dog, Peanut! We’ve found that fighting it will always be a losing battle – the lure of the tent is a strong one – so we’ve thrown convention to the wind and decided to embrace our need to wander.

No more sitting at the dining table discussing how much we don’t want to go to work/attend that meeting/clean the house/pay that bill/call that contractor tomorrow. And most importantly, no more stressing about inconsequential things. Because we do that, just like you do that, just like everyone trying to live within the parameters of this modern life does that.

What most people don’t tell you is that you don’t need to do that. You can choose to just stop it. Individuals and communities have been achieving alternative lifestyles that reflect their true selves for centuries, and that’s exactly what our family is trying to do. We’re taking ourselves out of the endless loop of working our fingers to the bone for companies that treat us like disposable commodities to pay through the nose to live a mediocre life. We’ve chosen instead to travel freely, on a tiny budget, reliant only on ourselves wherever possible.

Our starting point is going to be Wales; where we will spend 6 months bikepacking, wild camping and visiting Workaways. When our Welsh adventure comes to an end we’ll assess our options – keep going, or settle. Our mission on our travels is to learn – about people, culture, lifestyles, sustainability, environment, nature, and last but certainly not least – about ourselves.

It may all go horribly wrong, we may struggle and stress and hate it and each other within a month, but we don’t think so. We’ve planned well, we understand that it’s going to be hard going, we know that there will be days where we’re cold and wet and feel like giving up and scuttling back to a brick box and minimum wage. We also know, however, that we’re a strong and capable unit. That we know what we want, and can achieve anything with the right attitude and knowledge.

Our long-term goal is to find the perfect plot of land, build our off-grid home and live the good life; but we need to find that perfect place and plot, acquire the knowledge to thrive and not just survive off-grid, and build upon our network of like-minded people to share thoughts, knowledge and ideas. We figured that the best way do this is to get out there and see places, feel energies and know people; and we’d love to share this journey with you.

Why not follow us and see for yourself – will we make it past that first month? How will we afford it? Will home education work as on-the-road education? Will the people we meet embrace or reject us and our ideas? Where and how will we go to the toilet?! All these important questions will be answered through our posts, and we’ll share the love and not-so-love with photographs (not of the toilet bit though, that would just be weird).