Nomadic Life – Week 2

We’re still wandering!!!

Our journey so far has been varying degrees of awesome, it hasn’t all been sunshine and smiles – there have been difficult moments and even the odd write-off day – but it’s all building us up into a hardy, unstoppable little unit. We’ve met both the very best and absolute worst types of people along the way, but it’s the stories shared over a communal campfire meal that have stuck with us. My faith in humanity is gradually being restored – hooray! 

Power and signal have been the only issue, and they’re only needed for me to keep our lives online – which I’m having some mixed feelings about at the moment, but for now, we’re holed up in a McDonalds plugged in, typing and sipping strawberry milkshake!

Lack of time and power means it’s going to be easiest to share our journey this far in pictures….So here it is. Enjoy!


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